Russian Classification of Congestive Heart Failure

Russian Classification of Congestive Heart Failure Two mutually complementary classifications of congestive heart failure (CHF) are used in Russia. The Strazhesko-Vasilenko system of staging the disease progression, adopted at the XII All-Union Convention of Internal Medicine Physicians in 1935 (Table 1) (3), and the New York Heart Association Functional Classification (NYHA FC) developed in 1964 (Table 2) (1). The Strazhesko-Vasilenko classification describes morphological changes in the heart, hemodynamic properties, as well as the functional stages of heart failure progression. Although this classification is convenient for biventricular CHF, it cannot be used for the assessment of isolated left- or right-ventricular heart failure. The NYHA classification relies on the severity of symptoms… Read More

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